Thursday, March 29, 2007

Slow scrolling in Beryl and Deskbar can't type problem in ubuntu

My laptop specs are Acer 5021 , ati X600 64MB VRAM , DDR Ram 768

Last week I installed aixlg+beryl in my ubuntu. Beryl is so cool. Many Effects work fine but
when scrolling the window especially Firefox. It's so slow. I don't know why.

I try disabling most effects (resize , wobbling and ...) but It's didn't fix the problem.

I google around , many people have the same problem but there aren't the solution.

Found some bugs of this in

so I try installing last beryl on svn and using XGL instead of aixlg (that ubuntu recommend)

It's work!! Slow scrolling problem is fixed.

if you have the same problem and want a try. I can't guarantee this method can fix the problem.

How to Install 3D Desktop (Beryl and Xgl) on Ubuntu Edgy Eft with ATI card

and Then

after the beryl works fine. I found that the deskbar applet can't type. It still can search anything by clicking or paste some text. This problem came along XGL ,I think.

so I google again and found this bug
and there is a solution in that bug page.

now I like beryl very much. It's cool.