Saturday, May 31, 2008

Practice English By a Song.

It's my little project. I came up with this idea while I was on the car. In Thailand, English teacher sometimes comes in the class with the radio. Then she will give students a paper. The paper is a lyric but it's not a complete lyric. There will be many blank field on the paper. She will turn on a song and She has students to fill in the blank to complete the lyric. I think it's a good idea for practice listening by a song.

So I will do it in a same way but on the internet. :)

check out this.

Thanks for "Yael Naim - New Soul" that's a sample song because I like this song very much. Actually I use this song on the website arbitrarily.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Firefox 3 beta 5 lags on ubuntu 8.04

I upgraded from Gutsy to Hardy last week. It comes with the new Firefox 3 beta 5. After I had used for a few days, I found that firefox lags very much. When I switch the tab or scroll the page or just leave it , it start to lag the system and then system sometime freeze after that. In the system monitor, firefox process was interruptible. I noticed the harddisk light always show or blink fast but I'm not sure it's the same case.

At first I though that it resulted from upgrade process that it's not a fresh install. Maybe some configs file are not upgraded correctly. After few days passed, I felt very annoy. I started to find out what it is.

I found this bug. It's the same. In the bug page they give a method to solve this bug temporarily
There is an easy workaround.

This workaround is successful:
1. Open Firefox 3
2. Disable phishing/attack detection in the security section of the Preferences
3. Close Firefox
4. Make hidden files visible (Locations - Personal folder - View - show hidden files)
5. Delete /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/blahblahblah.default/urlclassifier*.sqlite
6. Open Firefox.
7. There is no next step. You're done. :-)

Greetz, Pjotr.

I follow this instruction. It works!!

I like the bug report system too much. haha

I hope that the patch will be published very soon. I wait for it.