Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Major Limitation of Gmail and Google Calendar in Offline Mode

Recently Google launched an offline mode of Gmail in labs and just few days ago Google Calendar offline mode had been released in beta after the news of this feature over a year.

Both of them use the capabilities of Google Gears for running in offline. So I installed Google Chrome for try out these things.

It works nicely but I found a major limitation. A few days ago ,I was disconnected and I opened the Gmail. I expected that I could browse my email easily and see my drafts but it didn’t work.

Google Chrome showed an error. It said “105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED)” that is about Chrome cannot resolve an IP address of website (gmail.com). So it cannot work offline. The same error was shown when I tried the Calendar.

But Google Document or Remember The Milk which support Gears work correctly.

Gmail and Calendar work in offline mode correctly if they have already been opened before your computer is disconnected. They will switch to offline mode and continue running correctly.

I wish this limitation will be removed soon.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Booting Process Tuning in FreeBSD 7.1

This is the last semester in my undergraduate student life, I attended the FreeBSD class and the last project is "Special Problem: Subsystem Tuning".
The project's objective is to tune or optimize a subsystem of FreeBSD and/or its environs (applications, utilities, etc.) to make it perform better.
I choose to tune the booting process of FreeBSD. Due to my laziness and lack of time, so I didn’t do tuning as much as I expected. but if I have time……if I have time…..
Here is my presentation.