Friday, April 3, 2009

Switch input language by Caps Lock #2

Due to comments in this post, I tried to find another way to use caps lock key for switching input language. The limit of that post is it works only Windows which has grave accent(`) option for switch language but many computer hasn't that option. It usually has Left Alt+Shift option.

So I have to remap caps lock key to left alt+shift. There is no way to do this in Windows registry. I found AutoHotkey can do this for me.

Steps are

  1. Download and install AutoHotkey in your computer.

  2. Write .ahk script like below
    Capslock::Send {LAlt down}{Shift}{LAlt up}

  3. Save this file and try double click to run it.

  4. Test it by press caps lock and see.

  5. Create shortcut to this .ahk file and move it to Startup folder in Start menu. [Do this to run this script at startup]

Hope you like it!!