Friday, February 15, 2008

Google makes me smile

Today is Valentine's day. It's not special to me really. I visit as normal. The google's logo on valentines day is so cute. It's makes me smile and I think people around the world that see this picture smile too.

I think it's so cool that just changes some small picture makes people around the world SMILE! :)
Thank you, Google.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Microsoft Office 2007 disable Acer wireless button

Today's morning, I found that my acer aspire 5021 can't use the wifi. The wireless button in front of the case didn't work as normal. Regularly when press the wireless button, the button turns orange and the green 'Wireless Device Enabled" appears on screen. But now nothing happened.

I'm very upset with this. I tried to press the button many times or restart the Windows but it didn't work. I wondered that the root of problem is software related to driver but I had installed Broadcom drivers and Launch manager and it used to work as well.

I tried to reinstall Broadcom driver and Launch manager. It didn't work.

I think of last night. I installed Microsoft Office 2007 before go to bed. It' seem no involvement between Office 2007 and wireless. But I don't know what to do , so I give it a try.

I uninstall the Office 2007 and It's work!!!

It's weird and I don't know why.
I may find the reason about this if I have times.