Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Emesene crashes during logging in

I use emesene 1.0 on Debian. It usually works great and I prefer it to pidgin.

But there are a few bugs. Emesene crashed during logging in. It'll crash everytime after it occurs the first time. I don't know why. It hardly occurs and it crashed unexpectedly. I used to see this bug a few times in the past. My friend found it too and has already found the solution. Deleting all the files in ~/.config/emesene1.0/[your_account] is the solution but you have to sacrifice your config files and preferences.

I got it crashed again. But this time I found the better solution. I digged in the file and found that deleting the PersonalMessage.conf in ~/.config/emesene1.0/[your_account] is enough.

The file contains you personal message. After I deleted it, emesene can logging in and online again. The preferences still be but only personal message not.

I took experiment something. I set presonal message to the previous personal message that's in the PersonalMessage.conf before It's deleted. It contains Thai and English word in mix. It crashed immediatly. I run it and set it again. It crashed. This time I set the personal message to only English message like "test". It didn't crash. Now I can set the previous message and crashing haven't occured anymore.

Maybe this is the clue of this bug. I'll report it to the bug tracker later.

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  1. Oh, I forgot to tell you about this personal message bug.p.s. I never told you to delete all configuration files