Friday, February 5, 2010

Picasa's bugs cause my images to be deleted.

I use Picasa client and Picasa Web Album for a time and it works enough for me. In addition to managing my photos in Picasa client, I also use Picasa Web Album as images hosting for my thai blog. It's really easy and safe in an album.

Yesterday, an unlucky day, I wanted to sync the blog album to my Picasa client and tried setting them to keep syncing in the future therefore I can upload an image via either the client or the web album. It would be great, isn't it?
I clicked the "download album to picasa" button in the web client. The album was downloaded to the client beautifully and it was shown as a downloaded web album. Then I clicked the "sync to web" button in the client. It asked something and uploaded all images in the album. Why did they need to be uploaded again?
The problem is here. In the web client, there were 2 album now in the same name, the original and the recently uploaded. At first I thought it was not a bug, you might need to have a fresh uploaded album at the first time to keep syncing in the future and these twin albums was different album and unique.
and this idea leads to the mistaken operation.
I right-clicked at the downloaded web album in the client and chose to delete the album with "delete the online copies" checked. Then both original and recently uploaded album were gradually deleted! and they were deleted successfully.
So I don't have any copies of this album left. It's a bug of Picasa and I reported to its forum yesterday.
but good luck of me that the album has only 25 images and google still cache some of them. :P

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  1. +1 for your effort in creating that Picasa + Bug image. However, I can single-handedly draw this one with Paint. Not sure if you installed Paint.NET for this ?!? :P